Saturday, January 7, 2012

DIY Wrapping Paper Mod Podge Plastic Drawers

I have these plastic drawers next to my desk that store everything from papers to be shred, craft supplies, and scarves.  I usually keep the drawers pretty organized, but the drawers inevitably get messy and I don't want people to see the mess!  So I decided to mod podge wrapping paper to the outside to help hide messy drawers =)  I will warn you - this can be a pretty time consuming project....I do not like cutting and measuring paper....I think this is why I am not a scrapbooker.  However, it is a fun project and if you have a few hours, strong coffee, and a friend to do it with it can be really awesome! 

Tools:  Spray paint for plastic, wrapping paper with a cool design, mod podge, paint brush, scissors, strong coffee, lots of chocolate. 


1.  I went to Walmart and bought black gloss spray paint for plastic - it must be for plastic or it will NOT work!!!  I did this project on a pretty windy day so I used the entire can - and I only painted the front and sides of the frame because you can't see the back of them =)  You might want to get 2 cans of spray paint....or do this project on a non-windy day =) 

I spray painted my frames glossy black.  This is the frame that is dry.  I allowed the frame to dry overnight but it only took about an hour for it to feel dry to the touch. 


1.  Cut wrapping paper to fit the front and sides of the drawer.
2.  I used a foam brush to shmear mod podge onto the drawer.  Then I put the wrapping paper on the drawer.  
3.  After I had all of the drawers covered with wrapping paper I let the mod podge dry overnight.  
4.  The next day I sealed the wrapping paper by applying mod podge all over the wrapping paper.  I made sure to seal down the edges really well by globing on the mod podge and then using my fingers to push the wrapping paper tight to the drawer.  This was an important step because sometimes I had a little extra paper on the drawer so I globed on the mod podge and then pushed the paper down over the corner - like this:  
I love the mark on my knuckle...that is what you get when you don't wear gloves when doing DIY projects with barn wood....see post on Barn Wood Signs =) 

5.  Let the mod podge dry  - I let it dry for about 3 hours.  
6.  Then you can put all of your stuff into the drawers and put the drawers into the frame.  

I used paper that I bought from Michael's.  It was hot pink with white flowers on it....the pic was not taken in the best lighting - but you get the gist!  You could also use scrap book paper if you cannot find wrapping paper with a design that suits your needs =) 

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  1. Love them!! How do you have the time to do all of these things?!? You are amazing.